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Just a few decades ago, images of our planet didn't exist. Can you believe it? We are so lucky we live in an age in which we have access to photographs that people in times past couldn't even imagine. Anybody who sees their very first earth map or picture via satellite is instantly amazed.

A few years ago, Google released some new software to the public called Google Earth. You download the program for free, install it, and can easily look up a picture of your house from space. Amazing.

"The Simpsons" spoofed the program by showing how it could invade your privacy. Homer was sunbathing in the back yard, and Marge looked up their house online. She saw him, live! Many people were surely disappointed to find that the real Google Earth, the freely downloadable one, did not provide free live satellite maps of earth. At best, the images were a few years old.

In the movie "Men in Black," a government agent used top secret technology to zoom in on his old girlfriend (who was outside gardening) via satellite. He was able to do this live, and the video feed he got was so crisp it was like he was actually there. If live satellite images and maps of earth are available, perhaps you need to be a government operative to see them.

But thanks to technology's increasing power, it's only a matter of time before we can all see live footage of practically any place on earth.

One common use of earth satellite pictures and maps is in the area of traffic. Before, roads and intersections were digitally rendered in a sort of cartoonish way. But now we have the option to view the actual terrain via satellite, and even combine that with the cartoony road overlay.

Satellite pictures and maps of the USA and abroad have become so helpful that they are considered essential in some circles.

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And thankfully, access to earth maps via satellite is no longer exclusive!

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